About us...

After 20 years in the accounting field,  Kristie grew frustrated watching firms take on more work than they could handle at the expense of the clients.  Unnecessary extensions were being filed leaving clients in limbo for many months.   Service and attention began to be based on who was the biggest client or who complained the most.  The most basic assistance became a billable hour.  It became obvious to Kristie, clients really only want one thing: great service delivered on time with integrity and respect at a reasonable, upfront price. Kristie shared her vision with her family, who insisted that the best way to deliver that service is to open a firm herself.  They pledged their full support in this endeavor.  This is the vision that started Integrity Accounting Allies LLP.

Kristie has a vast background with over 20 years of bookkeeping, 12 years of tax preparation and five years of controller experience. She has worked in public accounting, government, and private industry. Kristie has trained hundreds of novice accountants, teaching them in a manner they can understand, encouraging them and motivating them to succeed.  Kristie prides herself with the ability to learn and understand each clients’ needs and to explain their accounting in a down to earth manner that makes sense to them. 

What makes us different? Kristie will partner with you to provide service like you have never experienced before. You will be offered billing and service options that are customized to meet your needs. Support will be part of this package, so there are no surprises when you get the bill.  She will not ignore your phone calls and emails. Your concerns will be addressed, and the answers will be found.  We will never be too busy for you because we will turn away work once we are at capacity to ensure the integrity of our service is not compromised. All of our clients will be big clients.  Call us for a free initial consultation today.